About More Than Manners

I am serving PA and NJ at this current time. I travel to you for any program you may choose.

With over 16 years of experience I have worked with all different temperaments, sizes, breeds and ages. Every dog is unique in their own way and because of this every dog trains differently. My goal is to bring out the best in your dog while building a strong bond between the two of you. Let's teach your dog what we want by setting them up for success!

I have a few different programs to fit your needs and life style. See below for descriptions:

PLEASE NOTE - the next available date for stay and train and daily pick up and drop off is January. People are continuing to book so the wait will get longer. If you are truly interested get your evaluation scheduled to get your dates locked in. A non-refundable deposit is required to lock in your date!

Stay and Train - In this program the dog will stay with me in the comfort of my home. During this time I will be teaching them commands, boundaries and socializing them in different environments. While your dog is staying with me they are treated as if they were my own. The difference between your dog staying at my house compared to a training facility or kennel is we are actually working on everyday life such as counter surfing, cat chasing, company coming over, feeding time, relaxing when it's time to just sit down and watch tv...and so much more! I am only housing one stay and train at a time so I am able to focus on your dog specifically. We will be training in the house, at parks and pet friendly stores. They will be learning how to listen even with everyday distractions around. My goal is to send them home with more than manners!! At the end of your dogs stay with me we will do a home lesson to teach you how to work with your dog. You will also receive 2 more home lessons in the future to ensure the dogs training is transferring over smoothly.

One week program - Your dog will be functioning on a leash and doing commands such as let's go, sit, down, place, heel, off, drop it, wait and move...even with distractions!

Two week program - I am working on the same commands as the one week program but now your dog is starting to function with out a leash. I will be challenging your dog to maintain the basic commands and boundaries in a higher distraction setting giving them the freedom to be off leash.

Monday through Friday pick up/drop off - I pick up your dog in the morning and drop them off later in the afternoon Monday though Friday. I do lessons with you at drop off Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This gives you a chance to see what we worked on and teaches you how to work with your dog. Depending on the progress of your dog we will meet at your house or a park for these lessons. We are working on socialization, commands and dealing with real life distractions.

Day Trips - I will come pick up your dog for a few hours and drop them back off. During this time we will be working on basic commands, socialization skills and anything your dog is specifically struggling with. I will take your dog to parks, pet friendly stores and get your dog out and working in real world distractions.

Private Lessons / Home Lessons - Are done once a week and are approximately an hour long. Each lesson is geared towards certain commands and working on whatever problems you may be encountering.

Group Classes -held 2 times a month on Sundays. There is a limited number of spots available and they are located at different parks. You must complete one of the other programs and be approved before going into class. In the group classes we are working on obedience around other dogs and in real life distractions.

Behavior Modification - This program is geared towards fearful, anxious and reactive dogs. Depending on your evaluation we will determine which program is best suited to set your dog up for success.

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